Gannett Fleming

P.O. Box 67100
Harrisburg, PA 17106
T: 717.763.7211
F: 717.761.7059
Contact: Nate Pigott

Gannett Fleming is a global infrastructure firm focused on planning, design, technology, and construction management services for the transportation, environmental, water, power, and facilities industries. Our broad scope of transportation services includes highway, bridge, ITS, toll facility, tunnel, and mass transit/rail design, as well as a design-build delivery.


Herzog Contracting Corp.
600 S. Riverside Rd.
St. Joseph, MO 64507
T: 816.233.9001
F: .816.233.9881
Contact: Joe Kneib

Herzog Contracting Corp.'s experience extends to building freight, commuter, light rail transit, and streetcar lines; it also includes intermodal and maintenance facilities. We have modern equipment and trained construction specialists that can build a wide range of transit systems and can handle every phase of a rail project.

Lindsay Transportation

Lindsay Transportation Solutions
222 N. 111th Street
Omaha, NE 68164
T: 402.933.6329
F: 402.829.6834
Contact: Scott Marion

Lindsay Transportation Solutions® is a recognized global leader for the supply of crash cushions, guardrail end terminals, truck-mounted attenuators and portable barriers. X-Lite™ and X-Tension™ end terminals are products of Barrier Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lindsay Transportation Solutions, a division of Lindsay Corporation. Lindsay Transportation Solutions® consistently develops innovative, cost effective solutions for road hazards. Barrier Systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of moveable barrier technology for both managed traffic lanes and construction applications. Learn more at

225 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003
T: 212.777.4400
F: 212.529.5237
Contact: Jill Bonamusa

STV is a nationally recognized leader in the transportation industry. The firm provides multidiscipline engineering, architectural, planning, environmental, design-build and construction management services for a wide range of projects that include roads, highways, bridges, airports, ports, rail and transit. STV employs 1,600 professionals in offices throughout the U.S.