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Supporting Questions

All of the following questions must be answered. Put “N/A” if the question is “not applicable” or you have “no answer.” 

1. What year was the innovation introduced to the marketplace?50 word max.: *
2. What problem or unmet need does the innovation address?1,000 words max.: *
3. Who benefits from the innovation? How?1,000 words max.:
4. How unique is the innovation? Is it the first-of-its-kind? If, not, how different is it and how much improvement did it make to an existing product, service, technique or technology?1,000 words max.:
5. What is the documented or quantifiable evidence that supports the idea that this transportation infrastructure-related innovation has helped improve transportation safety, save time and or money for users/taxpayers, or led to more sustainable transport1,000 words max.:
6. Has there been a change within the transportation design and construction industry to “follow” the innovation? How so?1,000 words max.:
7. What individual(s) is/are primarily responsible for development of the innovation?300 words max.:
8. Summarize the information above so that “the story” of this innovation can be told at the awards ceremony, in a news release, article or other promotional materials200 words max.:

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Attach at least two electronic images showing significant features of the innovation.

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Optional Supporting Materials

Supporting materials are encouraged and will be used by the judges. They may include, but are not limited to:

•Video product demonstrations and/or testimonials;
•Studies or reports;
•Marketing materials;
•News articles, radio or television stories;
•Awards or citations;
•Letters of praise from government agencies/users; and


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