Hall of Fame


The “Hall of Fame” honors individuals or families from the public and private sectors who have made extraordinary contributions to U.S. transportation development over their lifetime and demonstrated exceptional leadership. Visit www.artbahalloffame.org to learn more about the 2010 – 2013 Hall of Fame classes.

Nomination Criteria

Nominations are considered for two categories:

Transportation Design & Construction Industry Innovators

This category honors the men and women who discovered or created a “game changing” product or process that significantly advanced transportation design, construction and/or safety. This is to honor the original inno- vator. Describe the product or process, the problem that it addressed, and quantify its unique benefits. Explain why this individual alone should be credited for this advance and results. 500 words or less on a separate sheet of paper.

Transportation Design & Construction Industry Leaders (Individuals or Families)

This category honors men, women and families who have made significant contributions—beyond just having successful businesses or careers—that have notably helped advance the interests and image of the transporta- tion design, construction and safety industry. Nominations in this category must have supporting explanations of 300 words or less on a separate sheet of paper for each of the following three criteria: A. Industry Contributions

  • Made significant contributions by serving in leadership positions of city, state, national and/or international asso- ciations or other industry-related groups.
  • Demonstrated support of worthy causes that helped advance the industry and/or boost its image.
  • Played a key role in supporting industry relations with elected leaders and regulators, and other industry groups that helped achieve industry public policy goals.
  • Contributed to the education or professional development of the industry.

B. Leadership

  • Demonstrated leadership skills in administrative and policy areas that helped advance the industry’s agenda.
  • Provided significant support for industry initiatives and programs.
  • Promoted awareness of the industry’s many positive contributions to the nation’s economy and quality of life.

C. Corporate Citizenship

  • Provided leadership in corporate citizenship/social responsibility and has been recognized for leading by example.
  • Supported worthy causes that have had positive impacts on industry professionals and/or boosted the industry’s image through the support of these social causes.
  • Provided a means or a program to educate industry professionals in sound corporate citizenship as part of the company’s overall responsibility to the community.

Deadline is June 13, 2014. Fill out the Nomination Form now!

For questions or additional information please contact Kashae Williams at 202.289.4434.