Holt and Best

Benjamin Leroy Holt & Clarence Leo “C.L.” Best

Industry Innovators

2016 Class: Benjamin Leroy Holt built his first combined harvester in Stockton, California, in 1886, using flexible chain belts rather than gears to transmit power from the ground wheels to the working mechanism, thus reducing breakage and down time. He built his first steam traction engine… read more

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Industry Leader

2016 Class | 1890-1969:  On June 29, 1956, President Eisenhower signed the law authorizing construction of the Interstate Highway System and creating the Highway Trust Fund to pay for it. It was the most notable … read more

Francis C. Turner

Industry Leader

2016 Class | 1908-1999:  In 1994, American Heritage magazine named him one of 10 people who, although unknown to the general public, had changed life for all in America. Others called him one of the “fathers” of the U.S. Interstate Highway System… read more


Dr. C. Michael Walton

Industry Leader

2015 Class: Civil engineering professor, Dr. Mike Walton, was the first member of ARTBA’s Research & Education Division to be elected chairman of the board back in 2006. Now, he’s the first educator inducted into the Hall of Fame…read more


Rep. Jim Oberstar

Industry Leader

2015 Class | 1934-2014:  Jim Oberstar believed good policy made good politics. For more than 40 years, as a congressional staffer and then a senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Oberstar combined an encyclopedic knowledge of intermodal transportation issues with a practical ability to… read more


Sanford H. High

Industry Innovator

2015 Class | 1907-1983:
“Give good measure.” These were the words Sanford H. High communicated to his employees when he launched a small welding shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1931.

From its humble roots, High Welding Company was…read more


T. Wallace Hawkes

Industry Innovator

2015 Class | 1937-2014: Wallace Hawkes is credited with originating the design and first application of the single point urban interchange, or SPUI, more than 40 years ago on State Route 60 in Clearwater, Florida.

The innovation became widely used in cities across America, particularly in dense urban areas… read more

Earle portrait

Horatio S. Earle

Industry Leader

2014 Class | 1855-1935: Horatio Earle was a pioneer for the “good roads” movement in Michigan and nationally.  Earle began the quest for good roads in Michigan, even before the automobile age.  He organized the first International Good Roads Conference in 1900 and provided a demonstration of …read more


James D. Pitcock, Jr.

Industry Leader

2014 Class: Once called a “gentle persuader” by “Engineering News-Record” magazine, Doug Pitcock’s impacts on the transportation construction industry for 60 years are profound. Pitcock has been a powerful advocate for increased highway funding at the federal and state levels and the use of innovative financing for… read more

Gene McCormick

Industry Leader

2013 Class: McCormick, a registered professional engineer, has nearly 50 years of varied transportation experience, encompassing planning, design, construction and operations in both the public and private sectors. He has been Parsons Brinckerhoff’s (PB) principal-in-charge or….   read more  

Bob Briant, Sr.

Industry Leader

2013 Class | 1937-2013: Bob Briant, Senior, was a New Jersey construction industry legend and tireless advocate. In 1972, he was named the first full-time executive director of the fledgling Utility Contractors Association of New Jersey. He was guided by a simple principle. His organization…  read more  

Othmar H. Ammann

Industry Innovator

2013 Class | 1879-1965: Believed to be the greatest bridge builder of the 20th century, Othmar Hermann Ammann’s innovative genius was his ability to anticipate future challenges. Born in Switzerland, Ammann came to New York in 1904, where his gift for long span bridge design…  read more  

Dr J Don BrockPortrait

Dr. J. Don Brock

Industry Innovator

2013 Class: Dr. J. Don Brock, founded Astec Industries in 1972, creating a company that “builds the equipment that moves America and the world from rock-to-road and beneath.”  The pioneering products and technologies he personally developed—he is the holder of over 90 U.S. and foreign…   read more


Harry Heltzer

Industry Leader

2012 Class | 1911-2005: Heltzer’s legacy at 3M spanned five decades.  He came to be known as the “father of reflective material.”  He joined 3M in 1933 with a metallurgical engineering degree from the University of Minnesota.  He quickly gravitated to the firm’s mineral laboratory… read more  


Jim Madara

Industry Leader

2012 Class: Jim Madara, a senior vice president with Gannett Fleming, has been making a mark as an engineer, volunteer association leader, and good corporate citizen for nearly 60 years. He served as the firm’s first general manager, and established its first human resources… read more  


James L. Lammie

Industry Leader

2011 Class: Jim Lammie has a saying: “You don’t sit still.  You either go forward or backward.”  During a career that spanned more than 50 years, Lammie continually moved forward.  He spent 30 years at Parsons Brinckerhoff and was president and CEO from 1990-1996. He … read more  


W. Denney Pate

Industry Innovator

2011 Class: Denney Pate wanted to design bridges since he was eight years old growing up in north Alabama. He graduated with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Auburn University, and Bridges have been his passion during his 31 year career at Florida-headquartered FIGG. His experience on more… read more


Philip Koehring

Industry Innovator

2010 Class | 1876-1931: The growth of the Koehring Machine Company in Milwaukee, Wis., is a story of a farm boy who had a vision to foresee the need for hard roads. It is the story of a struggle to perfect a machine suitable for paving purposes, and then a struggle to finance the venture and market the machine. And it is a story that lifted… read more


Enoch Needles

Industry Leader

2011 Class | 1888-1972: Colonel Enoch Ray Needles’ had a prolific engineering career that spanned 45 years and took him from the halls of Congress to the job sites of some of America’s landmark infrastructure projects. His legacy lives on as a founding partner in HNTB…  read more  


Bob Burleson

Industry Leader

2010 Class: Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Stephanie Kopelousos calls Bob Burleson a “catalyst for change.” Burleson has spent 40 years in the transportation construction industry. From 1970 to 1988, he was a top executive with the Wiley N. Jackson… read more


The Lanford Family

Industry Leader

2010 Class: The Lanford Family’s biggest—and most enduring—legacy on the industry, is their creation and endowment of the Lanford Family Highway… read more