The ARTBA Young Executive Leadership Council (ARTBA-YELC) is a team of young professionals in the transportation construction industry that strive to advance the association’s goals and mission. The YELC is a logical way for graduates of the ARTBA Foundation’s “Young Executive Development Program” (YEDP) and other industry “rising stars” to assume greater leadership roles in the association.

YELC Mission

To help advance young executive leaders in the transportation construction industry, and offer them a forum to articulate their perspectives on policy development and other ARTBA activities.

Eligibility and Structure

To be eligible to participate in the ARTBA-YELC requires an executive to be an ARTBA member in good standing.

Why Should I Get Involved?

  • To help develop and advocate federal transportation policy positions that advance the industry’s interests in the Nation’s Capital and help your company’s future market share and business operations.
  • To earn professional development hours.
  • To network with your peers and develop relationships with key federal, state and local public officials who are important to your firm’s business.
  • To provide ARTBA with an additional perspective on issues that matter to you.
  • To support grassroots activities in the transportation construction industry during key times of debate on transportation issues taking place on Capitol Hill.
  • To earn national recognition among industry peers and prepare for future leadership positions. The chairman of the YELC serves on the ARTBA Executive Committee and other YELC members serve on the ARTBA Board of Directors and on key policy committees.
  • To promote workforce development.

Activities & Meetings

YELC members support ARTBA grassroots activities and provide a different perspective to key policy issues. YELC members represent the council on all ARTBA committees, task forces and divisions.