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Analysis of the Trump Administration’s FY 2018 ​​Transportation Budget

President Trump’s first annual budget ​suggests his $1 trillion “infrastructure initiative” will involve only $200 billion in direct federal funding over the next 10 years. ARTBA’s Government Affairs team has analyzed ​the administration’s plan.

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Transportation & The Environment: The Progress Continues

Transportation infrastructure development and the natural environment have always been interconnected. ARTBA member companies, public agencies and educational and research institutions are successfully meeting the challenges of providing needed transportation improvements while minimizing or mitigating inherent environmental impacts.

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Ripe for Regulatory Reform

A Jan. 2017 ARTBA report for Congress and the new Trump Administration outlines reforms to proposed or existing rules in order reduce delay in the transportation project review and approval process.

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How 2016 Election Results Will Impact Transportation-Related Issues

President-elect Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans now have the opportunity to advance their shared agenda. While infrastructure was featured as a major priority in the Trump campaign, GOP leaders in the House and Senate have not echoed similar themes.

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ARTBA Proprietary Products Task Force: Findings and Recommendations

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FAA Extension Letter

ARTBA President & CEO Pete Ruane wrote to the bipartisan leaders of the Senate Commerce and the House Transportation & Infrastructure committees to emphasize that any temporary measure to continue operations of federal aviation programs include adequate resources to upgrade the nation’s airport infrastructure network.

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Call for Action on Water Project Legislation

ARTBA joined 92 other associations and organizations signing a letter urging the Senate to take up and pass the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2016 as soon as possible. Senate Republicans released their own letter calling for a vote on the WRDA bill vote before Congress leaves July 15 for the political conventions and the annual August congressional recess.

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Graves-Norton Holmes 2016 Letter Signers

House Highways and Transit Subcommittee Chairman Sam Graves (R-Mo.) and Ranking Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) were joined by 128 of their colleagues in a May 25 letter urging the bipartisan leadership of the tax-writing Ways & Means Committee to include a permanent Highway Trust Fund revenue plan in any tax code reform bill. See a list of the signers by state and party affiliation.

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Background on Release of Earmarked Funds

The FY 2016 appropriations bill (enacted in December 2015) will allow states to release $2 billion or more of previously earmarked-and currently dormant-highway funds to invest in their improvement programs.

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ARTBA’s 2016 Advocacy Priorities

Getting the five-year Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act signed into law was an important 2015 accomplishment for the transportation construction industry, but critical work remains to be done, including fixing the revenue shortfall in the Highway Trust Fund.

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Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act Analysis

ARTBA’s government affairs team has prepared a comprehensive analysis of the 2015 Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which was signed into law by President Obama on Dec. 4, 2015. View Full Analysis.

Profiles in Leadership: The Road to the FAST Act

No other industry group devoted more financial resources, intellectual firepower, creativity and innovative thinking than ARTBA to making the FAST Act a reality. Learn more about the key leadership activities of ARTBA and its members on the “road to reauthorization.”

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ARTBA Congressional Testimony on MAP-21 Program Consolidation

ARTBA chairman David Zachry testimony on MAP-21 Program Consolidation to House Oversight & Government Reform Committee Dec. 8.

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Looming Highway Trust Fund Crisis: Impact on State Transportation Programs

This ARTBA report features public statements and testimony from state officials about the impacts on their construction programs from the continued uncertainty relating to the Highway Trust Fund.

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Transportation & Elections

Read ARTBA’s comprehensive report tracking 37 transportation ballot initiatives from the November 2015 elections as well as reports from previous elections.

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Congressional Testimony on Highway Trust Fund

The Highway Trust Fund’s financial problems are structural and political, ARTBA said in June 17, 2015, testimony submitted for a House Ways & Means Committee hearing.

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How a Gas Tax Increase Affects the Retail Pump Price

A June 2015 analysis looks at how a gas tax increase affects pump price.

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Gas Tax Supporters Not Hurt at Ballot Box

Voting for a gas tax increase to fund transportation investments has not hurt Republicans or Democrats at the ballot box, a new ARTBA political analysis shows.

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Are Americans Paying Enough to Support Our National Highway and Transit Network?

The average American driver is only being asked to contribute 1.2 percent of their annual cost to own and operate a motor vehicle toward funding federal investments in highways and transit capital improvements.

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Fact vs. Fiction: Transportation Funding & Politics

ARTBA dispels some of the most common misperceptions or false statements about transportation funding and politics, and provides the truth about them.

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The Folly of Devolution

Transportation Construction Coalition research shows that transportation legislation being pushed in Congress by Heritage Action, the Club for Growth and like-minded conservative activist groups would force states to raise their gasoline and diesel motor fuel taxes, on average, about 23.5 cents-per-gallon by 2020 if they wanted to maintain their current annual investment in highway and bridge improvements and public transportation, an analysis of federal and state data shows.  The states’ only other options, if the proposal was enacted, would be to raise other taxes, redirect an equivalent amount of revenue from other state programs, or slash their road, bridge and transit improvement program.

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Getting Beyond Gridlock

ARTBA March 12 rolled out a comprehensive proposal to end the political impasse over how to fund future federal investments in state highway, bridge and transit capital projects.

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EPA “Waters of the United States” Rule

EPA’s proposed “Waters of the United States” rule extends federal authority too far and would lead to greater project delays, ARTBA explains to House and Senate committees. 02/04/15: ARTBA Statement on EPA Proposed “Waters of the United State” Rule

11/02/15:  ARTBA Letter of Support for S. 1140, the “Federal Water Quality Protection Act” aimed at forcing EPA to withdraw the WOTUS rule.

Highway Trust Fund

ARTBA letter to Congressional leadership regarding new federal banking rules that further impede state transportation planning and investments across the nation and calling on Congress to develop a long-term, sustainable revenue solution to permanently stabilize the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). 9/3/14: ARTBA New Federal Banking Rules

ARTBA statement submitted May 6 to the Senate Finance Committee on the challenges and solutions for the Highway Trust Fund’s recurring revenue shortfalls. 5/6/14: ARTBA Senate Finance Committee May Fixing the Highway Trust Fund without generating new revenue requires $16 billion annually just to keep highway and transit program at their current investment levels, ARTBA chief says. 02/12/14: Testimony to Senate Environment & Public Works Committee Federal surface transportation investment to the states could be dealt a crippling blow unless Congress acts to fix the Highway Trust Fund, ARTBA President says. 09/25/13: Senate EPW Highway Trust Fund Hearing The Highway Trust Fund’s problems are political, not structural, ARTBA tells the House Budget Committee. 04/24/13: State of the Highway Trust Fund: Long-Term Solutions for Solvency

Project Delivery

The “white paper” presents ARTBA’s perspective regarding the application and details of the design build process.

Suggested Best Practices for Design-Build in Transportation Construction