Market Development

The number one reason why people join ARTBA is simple.  We have a proven track record of helping build the transportation construction market.  Since 1902, the association has been an aggressive, non-partisan advocate playing a major leadership role in the passage of every federal surface transportation investment law.

Market Protection

ARTBA also regularly takes action to defend market interests when threatened by dubious regula­tion or litigation.  For more than 20 years, ARTBA has been the industry’s primary environmental litigation advocate.  The result of these efforts: more than $52 billion in approved, yet challenged, U.S. trans­portation projects and plans have moved forward.  ARTBA also regularly presents the industry views on federal regulatory proposals by submitting comments to federal agencies 25 times a year.

Business Development & Networking

Networking and business development opportunities, information sharing, and policy discussions are abundant through: ARTBA’s national conferences; legislative fly-ins, regional leader­ship events; annual law and regulatory forum; virtual events; task forces; and regular division, committee and advisory council meetings.


Knowledge is power.  ARTBA is a full-service trade association, offering a variety of information tools, professional development and safety training, insurance plans, market research and intelligence reports, webinars and other programs to help its member firms and agencies operate more efficiently.

For membership information, contact Allison Klein, or Rob Regier at 202.289.4434.