The 2016 Dr. J. Don Brock TransOvation™ Workshop

December 7 – 9
Astec Industries – J. Don Brock Training Center
Chattanooga, TN

The Annual Dr. J. Don Brock “TransOvation™ Workshop ” is a unique opportunity to learn from, and collaborate with, other industry leaders in this exciting new world of rapidly changing technologies and transportation developments. This year’s event takes place at Astec Industries in Chatanooga, TN.

This event is about changing your mindset. Thinking outside the box. Most of all, TransOvation™ is not your typical conference – this event gives attendees the ability to participate. Attendees will also explore how to be open to change in better ways. They will learn how to bring these concepts back to the work place and help their companies adapt to new markets.

First, participants will hear innovative talks from private sector and government thought leaders. Next, they will participate in an engaging workshop so that they can take these concepts and apply them to this year’s industry challenge. In the final workshop session, the teams will present their ideas to national thought leaders and decision makers.

Overall, TransOvation™ is an eye-opening learning experience for key transportation design, construction and management executives who want to position their industry and their firm or agency as leaders in a rapidly changing world.

It’s not just another meeting. It is a mission!