Federal Grant & Contract Programs

Through a variety of federal contracts, ARTBA provides additional training and services for industry professionals.

FHWA Work Zone Safety Training Program

This training provides free or low-cost training to the industry on work zone safety issues, evaluates available training programs and determines where new training is needed; and develops and conducts training in new areas to promote safety for both public and private sector employees.

Turning Point: Work Zone Safety for New Drivers

This is an innovative ARTBA program that helps teenage drivers better understand the hazards of driving through road construction zones, it comes with a training video, interactive CD-based driving simulator, searchable CD-library, and other classroom instructional materials.

For more information or to obtain Turning Point materials, contact Peter Embrey.


Senior Vice President, Safety & Education

202.289.4434 ext. 108


Communications Specialist

202.289.4434 ext. 409