Partnerships & Alliances

ARTBA works through coalitions, teams, alliances, and other cooperative arrangements to advance safety in all aspects of transportation construction.  The following are some of ARTBA safety partners and alliance members:

Among the specific alliances and partnerships in which ARTBA plays a leadership role:

  • Roadway Work Zone Safety & Health Alliance: An OSHA-led and industry alliance, it is designed to improve safety and health for roadway construction workers, particularly Hispanic and other non-English speaking employees.
  • Drug Free Work Place Alliance: Originally created by the U.S. Department of Labor and the construction industry, the goal of this industry group is to achieve drug-free construction sites.
  • National Safety Council Partnership: It seeks mutually-advantageous opportunities to promote safe driving in roadway work zones and improve worker safety on roadway construction sites.
  • International Safety Equipment Association Roadway Construction Outreach: Advances greater understanding of the need for and appropriate use of personal protective equipment in the roadway construction industry.
  • Highway Safety Partners Venture:  Focuses on improving communications between the federal government, national associations, practitioners, and private sector groups representing the collective interests of national, state, and local stakeholders in the traffic safety arena.
  • Decade of Action for Road Safety:  Launched by the United Nations, it brings together governments, public and private sectors organizations to promote safer roadways around the world.