July 19, 2017: Science of Retroreflectivity




This 3M hosted webinar will focus on the “Science of Retroreflectivity” and its impact on regulations for motorists and workers. Attendees will hear how retroreflectivity works and how reflective materials return light back to the light source. Following this, the presenters will discuss different types of regulations that exist today and likely in the future (such as minimum levels of reflectivity for traffic signs, federal regulation for reflective tape on truck trailers, new proposed minimum levels of reflectivity for pavement markings, and regulations for reflective garments/materials for workers). Finally, the presenters will give some insights on how reflective traffic control materials may change functionality in the future with the increased adoption of connected and automated vehicles.


Eric Hedman, 3M
Fuat Aktan, 3M
Tim Gardner, 3M

Wednesday, July 19
1-2 p.m. EDT