bill-6-17 (2)(WASHINGTON) – The following is the statement delivered today by American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Bill Toohey at a Capitol Hill news conference with Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and other transportation leaders in support of Blumenauer’s proposal to increase the federal motor fuels user fee:


“On behalf of the firms and men and women who design, build, maintain and manage the nation’s transportation infrastructure—who weren’t invited to participate in this morning’s Ways & Means Committee hearing—I would like to say what we want is a long-term funding solution.

“And by long-term, we don’t mean a four- to six-year patch. Because that would leave us at the end of the next authorization exactly where we are now, facing a $16 billion per year-plus funding cliff. We want a solution that puts this critical national program back on solid financial footing for at least the next decade.

“And anyone who thinks it will be any easier to find loose change under the cushions for this program in four to six years from now than it is today has been spending too much time in Colorado.

“Congressman Blumenauer’s proposal meets our goal. But it is going to take bipartisan cooperation and shared bipartisan risk to get the job done.

“It’s time both parties to work together for America and get this behind us.”

Established in 1902, Washington, D.C.-based ARTBA is the “consensus voice” of the U.S. transportation design and construction industry before Congress, the White House, federal agencies, news media and the general public.