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Team Commitment

We are one team. We succeed by combining our resources to advance the association’s mission and serve the membership.  We are dedicated to the success, satisfaction and growth of all team members. Our approach to our work is reflected in these core values:

We Are Accountable

  • Be proactive, enthusiastic and solution-focused.
  • Commit to the organization, your role, and responsibilities to one another.
  • Hold yourself and each other to the standards set in this team commitment.

We Communicate for Success

  • Be an active listener and recognize communication is a two-way street.
  • Speak honestly, purposefully and in a considerate manner.
  • Honor mutually agreed upon timeframes and deadlines.

We Are Engaged

  • Collaborate across departments and functions and encourage diversity of thought.
  • Practice humility.
  • Embrace constructive feedback.

We Prioritize Initiative

  • Advocate for innovative approaches and creative ideas.
  • Treat challenges as opportunities.
  • Recognize failure is not fatal; failure to learn is.

We Pursue Strategic Decisions

  • Analyze, deliberate and make outcome-oriented decisions, and follow through.
  • Recognize rigorous debate and different perspectives lead to better outcomes.
  • Commit to successful implementation of final decisions

We Trust One Another

  • Ask for help in overcoming obstacles.
  • Act with integrity and transparency and treat one another with respect.
  • Acknowledge mistakes and collectively work toward a solution.

We Seek Excellence

  • Relentlessly strive for improvement and pursuit of success.
  • Support the continued professional development of colleagues.
  • Celebrate the achievements of individuals and the overall team.