Transportation Development Innovation Showcase

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Transportation Development Innovation Showcase

ARTBA is committed to helping bring innovative products and services into the transportation design and construction marketplace—and to telling the public and their elected representatives how these innovations are providing solid returns on investment.

To that end, the association launched the Transportation Development Innovation Showcase (TDIS). It provides interested firms with a first-class, digital marketing tool. See the examples below.

ARTBA’s creative director, Matt Moore, who has more than 20 years of award-winning broadcast video, advertising and multi-media experience, will produce a three- to four-minute High Definition digital “infomercial” for a firm’s product or service. Each infomercial will follow a simple, tried-and-true format designed to elicit action. It will state a problem to be solved or need to be met… explain how the product or service meets the need… provide testimonial support… and end with contact information for purchase follow-up. Each client is given a final digital file so it can be used for marketing and branding purposes, and ARTBA also posts it on its YouTube channel.

To learn more about how ARTBA can produce a video for your company, contact Matt Moore.

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