Bridge Policy & Promotion Council (BPPC)

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Bridge Policy & Promotion Council (BPPC)

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Created by the ARTBA Board of Directors in 2008, the Bridge Policy & Promotion Council (BPPC) is an advocacy group focused on significantly growing public and private investment in the bridge market and ensuring a strong private sector voice in federal bridge policy and regulatory matters. The BPPC also provides a forum and networking platform for owners, designers, builders, suppliers and researchers.

Action Agenda

The BPPC’s Action Agenda focuses on specific issues that can impact the business needs of the bridge design and construction industry:

Policy Advisory

Coordinate and review recommendations on proposed federal legislation and regulations, training needs and requirements, grassroots initiatives and best practices.  BPPC members may potentially serve as witnesses at bridge-related hearings.

Bridge Preservation Action Team

Focus on advancing bridge preservation and maintenance practices, procedures, products and technologies that help stakeholders enhance bridge performance, extend their service life and increase public safety.

Market Promotion

Develop and fund public education, outreach and advocacy programs that advance the bridge industry.

Financing Issues

Focus on discussion, understanding, and refinement of financing methods used for bridge projects in the United States.

Inspection Issues

Develop policy and training recommendations that upgrade bridge inspection standards.

Project Delivery

Facilitate discussion, understanding and refinement of project delivery methods used for bridge projects in the United States.

New Technology

Work to remove regulatory and bureaucratic obstacles to introduction and use of new and proprietary products and technologies in the U.S. bridge market.