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14 Ormond Park Road
Brookville, NY 11545
Ph: 516.650.2600
F: 516.626.6849
Contact: John Lee

Manufacturer of innovative roadside and median guardrail system. Impact energy absorbing rolling barrier element made of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) which reduce the exit speed upon impact, and assist in redirection for maximum vehicle control. EVA material elements are indestructible, reusable, durable in all extreme climates, waterproof and resistant to UV radiation. Energy absorbing, rotating impact element installed on round steel posts strengthened by four channel steel rails for maximum structural integrity. Semi-rigid safety barrier system with minimum deflection, maximum impact coverage area and overall installation height of 38” from ground level to provide maximum protection for varying height vehicles, SUVs, trucks and buses. FHWA USA MASH compliant and CE EN1317 certified.

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