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For information about commissioning a custom report, such as the examples below, contact ARTBA Chief Economist Dr. Alison Premo Black, 202.683.1007.

The Economic Impacts of Senate Bill 1 on Six Key Regions Across California

A series of six new reports released in July 2018 find that an April 2017 California law will generate between $9.7 billion and $34.5 billion in economic activity and user benefits in California’s major regions over the next decade. These reports illustrate the benefits to the following regions: Orange County; Los Angeles County; Inland Empire; San Diego and Imperial Counties; the San Francisco Bay Area; & the San Joaquin Valley.

The Economic Impacts of Senate Bill 1 on California

This February 2018 report quantifies the significant impacts from the passage of California Senate Bill 1 in April 2017. This comprehensive new analysis finds that this legislation will generate nearly $183 billion in economic activity and user benefits throughout all sectors of the state’s economy over 10 years.

Impact of Failing to Invest in Connecticut’s Transportation Infrastructure

This September 2017 report quantifies the significant losses Connecticut faces if it fails to invest in transportation infrastructure. The state would forego over $65 billion in long-run economic benefits, wages and output from drivers and businesses and nearly $21.4 billion in state GDP. The report also examines the significant impact on the six key economic sectors in the state.

Cost of Allowing Georgia’s Variable Rate Gas Tax to Expire

The 2016 report quantifies how much Georgia will lose if it does not continue a provision from their 2015 state gas tax increase that indexes the rate to inflation. That provision is slated to expire in 2018.

Kansas Economic Impact Report

This report examines how a $264 million increase in public investments in Kansas’s highway and bridge infrastructure would stimulate business activity throughout the economy, support jobs and increase government revenues—providing as much as $1.8 billion in long-run economic benefits, immediate economic output and cost-savings for the state’s drivers.

Kentucky Transportation Outlook

This 2012 report examined highway, bridge, airport, and other transportation market conditions in Kentucky.


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