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Federal Highway Investment Benefits by State – FY 2020

States leveraged $29 billion in federal funds to advance nearly $70 billion in highway improvement projects during FY 2020, according to ARTBA analysis of data from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The map below allows you to see how each state deployed federal funds that year and the top projects that received federal support.

The state-by-state depictions are based on real-world outcomes as opposed to data- and calendar-based distribution formulas. It includes federally supported projects that moved forward that year regardless of when the support was received.

Federal-aid highway funds as % of State DOT capital outlays,
10-year average.

28 to 49%
50 to 69%
Over 69%

Federal Highway Investment: Aggregated Impacts

Over the last decade, federal investment has accounted for over 50 percent of state highway and bridge capital outlays. This investment has supported the repair and reconstruction of structures on the National Highway System (NHS), which includes the Interstate Highway System and the major roads that connect U.S. airports, ports, rail and truck terminals, pipeline terminals, and intermodal facilities.

Nearly half of the projects- 47 percent – were for repair or reconstruction work. An additional 19 percent of funds were used for adding capacity, such as a new lane or major widening, to an existing roadway. Just six percent of funds were invested in new roads or bridges.

Federal Highway Investment: Benefits

One of the most attractive benefits of major public investments in transportation infrastructure is they create tangible capital assets that are long-lived. In addition to creating jobs and generating tax revenues throughout the economy during the construction cycle, infrastructure improvements also foster economic growth and efficiency over many years beyond the initial investment.

FHWA estimates that every $1 billion in highway and bridge infrastructure investment supports at least 13,000 jobs throughout the U.S. economy. This includes work in retail, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing, food services and other industries.

For more information on federal aid projects from previous years, visit our interactive dashboard. You can visit this page to learn more about the data. For additional questions please contact ARTBA’s Chief Economist Alison Black.