About the Data

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About the Data

Data was provided by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and is from the Federal Management Information System (FMIS).  ARTBA assigned projects to a fiscal year (October 1 to September 30) based on the FMIS variable for authorized dates for either the construction phase of work, the preliminary engineering, right of way or planning and research phase.  This is the date that states may begin incurring costs on a project.  This report is a one-year depiction of federally supported activity and not a Transportation Improvement Plan or State Transportation Improvement Plan.

Federal fund totals for the FY 2018 report do not include advanced construction or partial conversion of advanced construction funds. This program allows states to receive approval from FHWA for a project and begin construction without obligating federal funds. Thus, a state can undertake more projects at one time. At a future date, the state can request a conversion of the project to a federal-aid project. The project agreement with FHWA will be modified, and the state’s federal funds will be obligated, and the state will be reimbursed for the work completed.

While all projects are included in the detailed dashboard, the FY 2018 state summary pages do not list advanced construction projects where no federal funds have been obligated.  This report does not include projects supported by state resources alone and is not taken from the State Transportation Improvement Plan.

Type of work was assigned by ARTBA based on over 40 different improvement types identified in FMIS.

Mode was assigned based on several different factors, including the identified improvements and construction activity. Total dollar amounts for federal, state, local, private and other funds were provided in FMIS and identified by FHWA by improvement type.

Federal aid system and road type are directly from the FMIS data. The system designations include the Interstate System, additional roads that are designated as part of the National Highway System (NHS), roads that are not on the NHS but still qualify for the federal aid program and projects that are not part of the federal aid system. The NHS consists of roadways important to the nation’s economy, defense, and mobility.

The map of the importance of federal-aid highway funding is based on Highway Statistics data from FHWA. It is a ten-year ratio of federal-aid reimbursements to states and the overall spending on capital outlays, which includes construction, right of way purchases and design and engineering work. It is a proxy for the importance of the federal program, which is largely spent on capital outlays.