Quarterly Industry Conditions Survey

ARTBA’s economics team provides a real-world outlook on the highway and bridge construction market and is a valuable tool for identifying and understanding industry trends. The insight gathered from “on-the-ground” industry professionals also supports the association’s federal-level advocacy efforts on behalf of the transportation design and construction industry.

Submissions are confidential. Composite data will be released afterward to participants. For more information, please contact ARTBA Market Research Associate Lital Shair Nada.

ARTBA’s other studies and analyses, available to members and the news media, provide regular updates on current market conditions, economic and policy reports and other key economic indicators.

Structurally Deficient Bridges by State 2007-2016

This 2017 report looks at what progress has been made in repairing the nation’s bridges in the decade since the I-35W bridge collapse in Minnesota.

Economic Impacts of Long-Term Illinois Transportation Project Shutdown

This study examined how a pending shutdown of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) would impact the state’s transportation construction industry and Illinois taxpayers by at least $34 million in the first week.

Airport Improvement Program State Profiles

A state-by-state breakdown of federal Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants and funding needs by airport.

Annual Industry Forecast

Published in December, ARTBA’s chief economist provides a national overview of the highway, bridge and transportation construction markets for the coming year.

State Motor Fuel Tax Rates

A May 2017 snapshot of state gasoline taxes and other fees for transportation infrastructure investment.

Gas Tax Supporters Not Hurt at Ballot Box

Voting for a gas tax increase to fund transportation investments has not hurt Republicans or Democrats at the ballot box, an ARTBA political analysis shows.

U.S. Transportation Construction Industry Profile

This study shows that money invested in transportation construction industry employment and purchase generates nearly $510 billion in U.S. economic activity.

Study on Coal Ash Use in Transportation

A 2011 analysis found that removing fly ash—a beneficial construction material—would increase the average annual cost of building roads, runways and bridges in the U.S. by nearly $5.23 billion.



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