Enoch Needles

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Enoch Needles

2011 Class | 1888-1972

Colonel Enoch Ray Needles’ had a prolific engineering career that spanned 45 years and took him from the halls of Congress to the job sites of some of America’s landmark infrastructure projects.

His legacy lives on as a founding partner in HNTB, today one of the nation’s largest engineering and architecture firms.  Needles spearheaded the post World War II development of turnpikes and bridges in Maine, New Jersey, Florida, Missouri, Illinois and Delaware.  He testified before Congress on transportation issues and was a distinguished leader in pushing for passage of the landmark 1956 law creating the Interstate Highway System.

His voluntary service to the industry is legendary, having been the chief elected officer of four advocacy groups: the American Institute of Consulting Engineers, American Road Builders Association, American Society of Civil Engineers, and Engineers Joint Council.