Philip Koehring

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Philip Koehring

2010 Class | 1876-1931

The growth of the Koehring Machine Company in Milwaukee, Wis., is a story of a farm boy who had a vision to foresee the need for hard roads. It is the story of a struggle to perfect a machine suitable for paving purposes, and then a struggle to finance the venture and market the machine. And it is a story that lifted that farm boy to the very top of his field.

Philip Koehring, his brother William and a third partner, founded the company in 1907. It would eventually grow into one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world, and later become a part of the Terex Corporation.

Koehring’s “boom and bucket” creation transformed concrete paving from myth to reality in the early 1900s. The innovation streamlined the flow of materials so as the machine was being pulled forward, it mixed concrete and then distributed the final mix to the rear. Prior to this invention, the idea that entire roads could be built with concrete was just a pipe dream.

Koehring added two more advancements to improve the mechanization of concrete paving: self-propelling crawler tracks and engine power in place of steam power. With 15 mixing and paving patents, combined with his equipment manufacturing expertise, Koehring forever transformed the world of concrete.