Sanford H. High

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Sanford H. High

2015 Class | 1907-1983

“Give good measure.” These were the words Sanford H. High communicated to his employees when he launched a small welding shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1931.

From its humble roots, High Welding Company was established with a keen focus on innovation and serving customers-and serving them well. This came to be known as “The High Way,” a set of founding principles that today still very much permeates the diverse and growing number of organizations that are part of the High companies.

He pioneered the welded bridge concept, saving time and money for cash-strapped highway departments during the Great Depression. He convinced skeptical engineers that highway bridges presented a new frontier for welding instead of riveting. High’s tenacity paid off during a 1933 experimental welded bridge project in York County, Pennsylvania.

High Welding Company grew in the number of workers and job complexity, and in the late 1950s automated welding equipment was adopted, revolutionizing heavy girder construction and leading the movement to faster, lower-cost submerged arc welding; the predominate process in use at High Steel Structures, LLC, today. An expansion of Sanford’s initial vision, High Steel Structures has gone on to become one of the largest—and most successful—fabricators of steel bridge superstructures in the United States.