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Women Leaders Awards
The Women Leaders in Transportation Design and Construction Awards honor “extraordinary efforts of individuals, companies and public agencies that have demonstrated leadership and dedication to innovation in the transportation construction field as well as the promotion of women leaders within the industry.”

2019 Nominations closed Aug. 2. Winners will be announced at the ARTBA National Convention on Sept. 23. 

Women Leaders Awards Overview

View the press release announcing the 2018 Women Leaders Winners

The Ethel A. Birchland Lifetime Achievement Award
Named after Ethel A. Birchland, who served as ARTBA’s executive director from 1924 to 1928, this award is given to at least one woman who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and long-term service in the transportation design and construction industry’s public or private sectors. Particular focus is given to the individual’s dedication to the advancement of innovation and other women leaders.

The Glass Hammer Award
It is given annually to at least one company in the transportation construction industry that has innovative programs and activities directed at successfully promoting women leaders within their organization. Extra credit is given to those firms that also promote women leadership within the associations and community organizations they financially support.

The Future Industry Spotlight Award
Self-nominations are preferred for this category. The award is given annually to bring national industry attention to two women students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies at a U.S. college or university who have thus far achieved an outstanding academic record and demonstrated extraordinary leadership skills within and outside the academic environment. Candidates may be pursuing a degree in any discipline germane to the business of transportation design and construction.

Contractor Safety Awards
Established in 2007, the ARTBA Contractor Safety Awards were developed in the belief that the preservation of the health and safety of our industry employees is our highest value. ARTBA-TDF understands the effort required by all levels of company management and employees to achieve and maintain a high level of safety performance. Those companies that consistently sustain excellent safety records have a story to tell that may help other contractors improve their programs.

2019 Nominations closed Aug. 5. Winners will be announced at the ARTBA National Convention on Sept. 23. 

Awards Program Overview

Press Release Announcing the 2018 Contractor Safety Award Winners

The Lanford Family Highway Worker Memorial Scholarship Program
Established in 1999, the Lanford Family Highway Worker Memorial Scholarship Program provides post-high school financial assistance to help the sons, daughters or legally adopted children of highway workers killed or permanently disabled on the job.

Scholarship Applications will open in January and are due in early April; 2020 Recipients will be announced in May. 

Scholarship Program Overview

View the Press Release Announcing the 2019 Scholarship Recipients

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The Globe Awards

ARTBA Foundation’s “Globe Awards” program honors and draws attention to private-sector firms and public-sector transportation agencies that do an outstanding job in protecting and/or enhancing the natural environment in the planning, design and construction of U.S. transportation infrastructure projects, or transportation construction-related product manufacturers and material suppliers that utilize exemplary environmental processes to protect or enhance the natural environment. By recognizing examples of environmental excellence, the Foundation aims to set a standard for others in the transportation construction industry to follow.

Next year’s nominations will open in January, and winners will be announced in May 2020. 

View the Press Release announcing the 2019 Globe Award Winners.

Globe Awards Program Overview

Helping Hand Awards

ARTBA Foundation’s “Helping Hand” Awards recognize businesses with extraordinary programs—outside the scope of normal business operations—that demonstrably benefit and help improve the quality of life in the community where they are based or conduct business.

The Helping Hand Award Program is on hiatus for 2019.

View the Press Release Announcing the 2018 Helping Hand Award Winners

Helping Hand Award Overview

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