Video Requirements

Video Requirements

Video Requirements


  • Video must examine an aspect of these categories:
    • General transportation impacts, trends and funding (RED contest).
    • Transportation safety (RED contest).
    • Why young people should pursue a career in the transportation design and construction industry (Women Leader contest).
  • Videos submitted should be 2-4 minutes long.
  • Videos must have a resolution suitable for large screen projection. Videos not achieving suitable resolution will be disqualified.
  • No copyrighted material may be used. Contact your university/college media center for help obtaining non-copyrighted music and sound effects.
  • The videos cannot contain content that violates the submission standards of YouTube.
  • Written credits for key technical and talent positions should be provided to ARTBA (i.e., director, cinematographer, editor, writer, actors) including any music and/or footage sources. On-screen credits for technical and talent positions are not required. If on-screen credits are included, they should be listed on one screen at the end, trailer-style, and not rolling for minutes like they would at the end of a feature. The time for showing credits is not counted towards the 4 minute maximum. All videos MUST include both a title for the video and recognition of ARTBA.


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