ARTBA is the only organization in the U.S. that exclusively focuses legal activities on helping ensure that approved state, regional and local transportation plans and projects move forward expeditiously.

It monitors and becomes involved in environmental and business issues that have the potential to impact the planning, design and/or construction of transportation infrastructure projects. ARTBA recognizes successful legal advocacy and education must be implemented in a variety of ways.  Its effectiveness derives from a comprehensive, five-part program.

First, when appropriate, ARTBA initiates litigation as a party plaintiff, taking on difficult cases that others might be reluctant to file or that no single organization or business could fight alone, head-to-head against government agencies and/or well-funded project opponents.

Second, ARTBA issues “amicus curiae” briefs to present compelling legal arguments and policy perspectives that often surpass the argumentation that lawyers for the involved parties are able to provide. ARTBA “friend-of-the-court” brief serves as a valuable tool in persuading courts about the integrity of the transportation planning and approval process and the resulting safety, mobility and economic benefits that come from highway and bridge improvement projects.

Third, ARTBA files detailed issue briefs and public comments with federal and state regulatory agencies on environmental and business-related issues that might adversely impact transportation development. ARTBA ensures that a reasoned voice is heard on behalf of transportation development proponents.

Fourth, ARTBA features a media outreach program to ensure that the views of transportation advocates are accurately portrayed in the general, business and construction media.

Fifth, ARTBA conducts seminars and produces reports and publications to keep its members, the legal community and the media informed of litigation and regulatory developments that impact transportation development in the United States.