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Highway Safety Products

Building 225-4N-14
St. Paul, MN 55144
Ph: 800.553.1380

Your goal is our goal, helping motorists reach their destination safely.
We’re driven to develop innovative products that help you bring
improved roadway systems into reality. Our comprehensive offering of
high performance, reflective products is designed to improve roadway
visibility and mobility. To learn more about us, visit

10660 E. 51st Avenue
Denver, CO 80239
Ph: 303.375.1293
F: 303.375.8557
Contact: Shea Durkin

Brite-Line® Technologies is a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of
durable, intersection grade and removable pavement marking tapes.
Our Deltaline® family of profile tapes are designed for long lasting
reflective performance and dramatically improved nighttime visibility
on both wet and dry pavements.

4100 13th St. SW
Canton, OH 44710
Ph: 330.477.4800
F: 330.477.0626
Contact: Eric Smith

Gregory is a leading producer of highway safety products. Roadside
safety begins with the installation of quality guardrail products (w-beam,
thrie beam). Our continuous galvanizing process makes the difference
for quality and consistency in every guardrail system installation.

222 N. 111th Street
Omaha, NE 68164
Ph: 402.829.6800
Contact: Scott Kroeker

Lindsay Transportation Solutions® is a recognized global leader
for the supply of crash cushions, guardrail end terminals, truckmounted
attenuators and portable barriers. X-Lite™ and X-Tension™
end terminals are products of Barrier Systems, Inc., a wholly owned
subsidiary of Lindsay Transportation Solutions, a division of Lindsay
Corporation. Lindsay Transportation Solutions® consistently develops
innovative, cost effective solutions for road hazards. Barrier Systems is
the world’s leading manufacturer of moveable barrier technology for
both managed traffic lanes and construction applications. Learn more
at www.barriersystemsinc.com.

20 Jones St.
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Ph: 914.636.1000
F: 914.636.1282
Contact: Karen Dinitz

Manufacturer of Road Safety Products and Preservation Materials since
1968. Sign and Luminaire Breakaway Supports, MMA Color Pavement
Marking material for Bike, Bus and Dynamic Envelope markings, HFS
Treatments, Glare Screens, Detectable Warning Products, Bridge Deck
Surfacing Materials, (Sealers, Overlays, Patching) and Polymer Concrete
Barrier Panels for Bridges and Tunnels.