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Traffic Safety Industry Division

The ARTBA Traffic Safety Industry Division (TSID) is designed for companies in the traffic safety industry that want to influence policy in transportation infrastructure and create a stronger market for their products. Membership in ARTBA provides access to the preeminent transportation advocacy organization in Washington. Unlike other groups, ARTBA members are able to network both within the transportation safety industry and in the broader transportation market, including with members of the association’s Contractors, Public-Private Partnerships and Planning & Design Divisions.

Since 1979, the TSID has promoted the economic importance of infrastructure-related transportation safety products and programs as a separate division within ARTBA. TSID members are comprised primarily of manufacturers of roadway safety hardware, including barricades and barriers, signage, pavement markings, crash cushions and other temporary traffic control devices.

TSID’s primary goals are to:

  • Advocate the interests of the safety hardware manufacturing sector within the transportation construction industry and assure the availability of public resources to meet transportation safety needs;
  • Monitor regulatory activity at all levels of government that may impact transportation safety; and
  • Promote awareness of traffic safety as a national issue and encourage the development and use of “hard” safety solutions, which protect the health and welfare of the public.

TSID provides a number of forums to promote networking with members of other ARTBA divisions and key industry leaders and organizations, including sponsorship (and a founding member) of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.