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Why should you join our team?

We are your voice when communicating with government agencies, industry advocates, transportation forums, and public interests.

Help us to resonate your needs and concerns. Please contact ARTBA Senior Vice President of Safety & Education Brad Sant, or complete the membership application today.

There are three membership groupings: 1) the Traffic Safety Industry Division; 2) the Transportation Safety Advisory Council; and 3) the Safety and Insurance Committee.  While each of these groups falls under the safety banner, they have very distinct needs for member services, association interaction, and membership development.

Traffic Safety Industry Division (TSID):  Since 1979, the TSID has promoted the economic importance of infrastructure-related transportation safety products and programs as a separate division within ARTBA.  TSID members are comprised of manufacturers of roadway safety hardware, including barricades and barriers, signage, pavement markings, crash cushions and other temporary traffic control devices.  TSID’s primary goals are to:

  • Advocate the interests of the safety sector of the transportation construction industry and assure the availability of public resources to meet transportation safety needs;
  • Monitor regulatory activity at all levels of government that may impact transportation safety; and
  • Promote awareness of traffic safety as national issue and encourage the development and use of “hard” safety solutions, which protect the health and welfare of the public.

TSID creates a number of forums to promote networking with members of other ARTBA divisions and key industry leaders and organizations, including sponsorship of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.   The focus of TSID is to create a strong market for its members’ products.

Transportation Safety Advisory Council (TSAC): TSAC is a cross-divisional council, meaning it is open to members of each and every ARTBA division.  It carries the responsibility for developing safety policies across all modes of transportation, which in turn, guide ARTBA legislative and regulatory activities.  Because TSAC represents all divisions, it becomes a microcosm for national legislative and regulatory activities as each industry sector “battles” and compromises to develop ARTBA safety policy.

ARTBA Safety and Insurance Committee (S&IC): This committee can best be viewed as a subset of ARTBA’s Contractors Division as its members—primarily comprised of contractor safety professionals, insurance industry representatives and other senior company managers—formulate occupational safety policies and programs.  In contrast to TSID which focuses on roadway safety products, this committee’s mission is to protect the life and health of each construction worker.  The committee also works closely with TSAC to create worker safety policy for the association.  Through subgroups, the committee develops regulatory comments, policies and training programs to meet identified safety needs.

Leadership Development:  Good leadership from ARTBA members is the pivot point upon which much of the success of the safety program hinges.  At the present, the chairs of TSAC and S&IC serve at the pleasure of the ARTBA Chairman, so they will remain in those positions as long as there is mutual agreement between ARTBA’s officers and the chairs to continue service.  This process, while helping to retain long-term leadership, can create a vacuum should one of the chairs abruptly retire, leaving ARTBA with an immediate need to find a replacement.  The safety team is considering recommending a vice chair position for these two committees so as to have a back-up and training opportunity for other leaders.

The leadership development program for TSID is more fluent, as its president serves a two-year term.  In addition to the president, there are first and second vice presidents who also serve two year terms.  In actual practice, the officers move through the chairs in order, with the second vice president moving to fill the place of the first vice president, and the first vice president becomes president as the terms expire.  While a member could be elected to any officer slot, the practice of advancing the officers is well established.  This pattern provides the TSID president with four years of “training” before taking over the division.  The largest challenge facing TSID leadership is most members of the division are not CEO’s or senior officials within their companies.  Most often they are high-ranking sales managers or government affairs personnel.  As such, they do not carry significant “clout” to drive their companies to fully support ARTBA.  They must educate their leaders about the association before being able to get strong support.

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