Since the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) was founded in 1902, safety has been a key part of the association’s mission and a distinguished hallmark of its leadership on behalf of the U.S. transportation construction industry.

To improve safety for workers, pedestrians and motorists, ARTBA works to build consensus and develop policy. We bring together national leaders to better understand the complex and intricate interaction of safety with all aspects of transportation planning, design, construction, maintenance and repair.

You might think of our safety programs as a three-legged stool: 1) ARTBA’s legislative and regulatory efforts through its membership divisions and councils; 2) ARTBA’s Transportation Development Foundation (TDF) safety training contracts and alliances; and 3) TDF scholarships, awards and professional development courses.

Below is a timeline of major milestones:

2017 - Management of National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse (NWZSIC) reaches 20th anniversary.
2016 - Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals™ program launched.
2016 - Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Work Zone Training Grants program online Learning Management System established.
2015 - "Safe Backing & Spotting" certificate course created to educate workers and supervisors.
2015 - Eight animated safety training videos produced based on National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) reports explaining worker deaths and providing recommendations to avoid and prevent similar fatalities.
2014 - New guidance documents distributed to thousands nationally on "Clear Zones in Work Zones," "Hazard Communication—Globally Harmonized Standards," "Flagging on Low Volume Roadways," and "Temporary Traffic Control on Low Volume Roads."
2013 - New contracts signed with FHWA and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to provide safety training and education.
2012 - NWZSIC hosts first-ever "virtual conference" featuring "Best Practices in Work Zone Safety."
2012 - First-ever "Preventing Runovers & Backovers" course offered through OSHA Harwood contract.
2012 - New safety video produced on safe flagging practices.
2012 - "Contractor-Labor-Government OSHA Alliance" program to promote safety for roadway construction workers renewed.
2011 - Three-year FHWA cooperative agreement awarded to develop work zone safety training courses and products for local/rural roads.
2011 - OSHA Harwood contract awarded to conduct training on prevention of "runovers" and "backovers" in work zones.
2010 - "Power Workshops" on work zone safety held at World of Asphalt (WoA) and International Bridge Conference (IBC).
2010 - New safety video produced on "Avoiding Runovers & Backovers" at roadway construction sites.
2010 - "Highway Safety Partners Venture," a group of 20+ organizations focused on roadway safety that meets quarterly to share ideas, coordinate activities and work to promote highway safety, launched.
2009 - National Work Zone Safety Conference held in conjunction with WoA in Orlando.
2009 - First-ever "Power Workshop" on work zone safety launched at IBC.
2009 - New safety video produced promoting the use of Personal Protective Equipment.
2008 - “Contractor-Labor-Government OSHA Alliance” program where all sectors of the industry work together to promote safety for roadway construction workers renewed.
2007 - NWZSIC National Traffic Management & Work Zone Safety Conference hosted at Intertraffic North America (INA).
2007 - Contractor Safety Awards launched in partnership with CNA Insurance.
2006 - OSHA Harwood contract awarded to expand "Roadway Safety" program to include Disaster Response and Deployment and Retrieval of Temporary Traffic Control Devices.
2006 - D.C. DOT contract awarded to teach Spanish, English, safety, and basic work skills to minority and disadvantaged workers.
2006 - Four-year FHWA contract awarded to develop work zone safety training courses.
2005 - "Turning Point: Roadway Work Zone Safety for New Drivers" produced.
2005 - Work Zone Safety Conference held at INA in Baltimore.
2005 - "Executive Seminar on Roadway Safety" held in Spain in partnership with International Road Federation (IRF).
2004 - ARTBA and Amsterdam RAI created INA, the continent’s first conference and exposition for the transportation construction and traffic management industries.
2004 - Roadway Work Zone Safety Conference & Exhibition hosted in Baltimore.
2004 - Two “Executive Seminars on Roadway Safety” held in Egypt and Argentina in partnership with IRF.
2004 - OSHA Harwood contract in partnership with CNA Insurance awarded to conduct training based on industry insurance claim data.
2003 - National Safety Council (NSC), CNA Insurance and ARTBA’s Foundation awarded OSHA contract to conduct safety training on roadway work zone hazards.
2003 - Mid-West Work Zone Safety Conference held in Springfield, Ill.
2003 - "Work Zone Safety Alliance" agreement signed with ARTBA's Foundation, OSHA, National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), and International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE).
2003 - "Executive Seminar on Roadway Safety" held in Miami in partnership with IRF.
2002 - Roadway Work Zone Safety Conference & Exhibition hosted in Orlando.
2002 - OSHA 10-Hour accredited training for the roadway construction industry in Spanish offered in partnership with NSC.
2001 - First-ever International Conference on Work Zone Safety held in St. Louis.
2001 - “Roadway Work Zone Safety Awareness Awards” created in partnership with NSC.
2001 - FHWA contract awarded to develop work zone safety curriculum for teenage drivers.
2000 - Annual National Work Zone Awareness Week launched by industry partners and ARTBA's Foundation.
2000 - Safety Showcase symposium held in Savannah, Ga.
2000 - Federal support for NWZSIC ended and ARTBA’s Foundation assumed control of operations, with financial support from private sector safety leaders.
2000 - OSHA-accredited “10-Hour” safety-training course created with focus on roadway construction.
1999 - Training videos examining roadway work zone dangers and offers advice on how to lower risks produced for the first time.
1999 - Professional Development Section created for safety managers.
1999 - First-of-its-kind "Highway Worker Memorial Scholarship Program" established.
1998 - Strategic alliance formed with NSC to jointly develop, promote and implement programs designed to reduce accidents in roadway construction zones.
1998 - Landmark study “The Federal Highway Program & Highway Safety: An Economic Analysis” published.
1997 - Initial contract awarded by FHWA to develop and market the NWZSIC.
1995 - Language secured in National Highway System Designation Act directing the U.S. DOT secretary to initiate creation of a clearinghouse dedicated to addressing roadway work zone accidents.
1994 - Second National Conference on Highway Work Zone Safety held in Washington, D.C.
1993 - First comprehensive manual published on safety topics tailored to highway construction firms developed by ARTBA task force and CNA Insurance.
1992 - First-ever comprehensive business insurance product tailored to highway construction firm needs launched in partnership with CNA Insurance.
1985 - First-ever National Conference on Highway Work Zone Safety hosted in Washington, D.C.
1979 - Traffic Safety Industry Division established.
1977 - Transportation Safety Advisory Council created.