Certificate Programs

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Certificate Programs

ARTBA’s Foundation offers a variety of certificate training courses.  For more information on costs to schedule one of the programs below, contact Brad Sant at bsant@artba.org or call 202.289.4434.

Safe Backing & Spotting

Problem: More than two roadway construction or maintenance workers are killed on the job every week. Another 40 workers are injured every day. Roadway accidents also cost more than $500 million annually, according to data from the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Each death in the construction industry costs $4 million in direct and indirect expenses; each injury resulting in lost work days costs $42,000.

Solution: The “Safe Backing & Spotting” certificate program is specifically designed for workers, foremen and supervisors on road and bridge projects.

It meets the rigorous ANSI/ASTM E2659 standard for certificate programs and focuses on training workers to avoid dangerous traffic areas on roadway construction sites, to recognize hazards surrounding equipment, and to provide clear communication between drivers/operators and spotters through the use of standardized signals and communication. During the 4-hour course, participants receive:

  • A thorough understanding of spotting signals and communications between drivers/operators and spotters. Through this course, ARTBA’s Foundation introduced the first set of nationally-standardized hand signals.
  • Recognition of the “sphere of safety”—the hazards above, below and around moving equipment, and how to communicate those hazards to workers, operators and drivers;
  • Traffic and pedestrian routing strategies as a result of hands-on training, classroom activities and a spotting skills test; and how to identify equipment blind spots, and train workers and operators how to safely navigate congested work areas.

OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Classes Training Exclusively for the Roadway Construction Industry

These courses are for owners, safety managers, supervisors, and workers and are focused on the hazards and situations that roadway construction workers face every day. Topics include the prevention of night time construction hazards, “runovers” and “backovers,” high-visibility clothing and working next to roadway traffic. This training sets the standard for the entire transportation construction industry.

Flagger Training  

ARTBA’s Foundation is an authorized training center for certified flagger training through the National Safety Council (NSC). Upon completion of this 4-hour program, workers understand the procedures for directing traffic along with other key safety practices.

First-Aid and CPR

Instruction for this training is available from ARTBA’s Foundation through a partnership with the National Safety Council (NSC). Each program can be completed in approximately 4 hours.