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Political Action Committee

Established in 1979, the ARTBA Political Action Committee (ARTBA-PAC) offers industry executives and advocates an opportunity to participate in the federal election process and have their views heard. All funds raised by the ARTBA-PAC are used to preserve the vital role of the transportation design and construction industry in the U.S. economy and to assist candidates who support transportation investment.

The ARTBA-PAC Makes Small Political Donations Go Further

The ARTBA-PAC pools small, personal donations from industry activists and supporters. Smaller donors become part of an industry-wide group that contributes to worthy candidates and officeholders from across the nation—well over a 100 every year.

The ARTBA-PAC Strengthens the Industry’s Voice

The ARTBA-PAC’s activities are integral to ARTBA’s comprehensive advocacy program in Washington, D.C. Using the ARTBA-PAC’s contributions, ARTBA officers and staff regularly participate in fundraising events throughout the year. Each event is a unique, face-to-face opportunity and a chance to reinforce the industry’s message with key Washington decision-makers. The ARTBA-PAC’s efforts also counter the political activities of no-growth, anti-transportation professional groups.

The ARTBA-PAC Helps Expands the Industry’s Market

The stronger the industry can deliver its message on Capitol Hill, the more Congress will understand the importance of federal transportation investment. That’s critical, because more than half of all public capital investment in roads and bridges comes from the federal government! Additional federal government investment means more market development opportunities.

Contact ARTBA’s Nick Goldstein to learn more.