ARTBA is the transportation design and construction industry’s leading regulatory advocate before the White House, Congress, and federal agencies. We typically submit more than two dozen comments per year, which are linked below. Contact ARTBA’s Nick Goldstein with questions or to learn more.


12/24 – Supporting FHWA’s Proposed Highway Design Standards

12/23 – Supporting DOT’s Implementation of NEPA Modernization Rules

12/03 – Letter to Congressional Leadership Urging Tax Deductible Treatment for Paycheck Protection Program Loans

12/01 – Coalition Letter Expressing Concerns with H.R. 3884, the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act

12/01 – Coalition Letter Supporting Increased Paycheck Protection Program Relief Efforts

11/25 – Letter to DOT Secretary Chao urging a repeal of the ban on patented and proprietary products in the MUTCD

11/25 – Urging Changes to and a Suspension of the SBA PPP Program Loan Necessity Questionnaire

11/25 – Supporting NEPA Delegation in Arizona

11/17 – Coalition Letter to Congress Expressing Concerns with Paycheck Protection Program Loan Necessity Questionnaire

11/17 – Coalition Letter to Trump Administration Expressing Concerns with Paycheck Protection Program Loan Necessity Questionnaire

11/16 – Supporting the Nationwide Permits Program

10/19 – Supporting the Utah Department of Transportation’s NEPA Delegation Program

10/08 – Supporting FWS Additional Reforms to critical habitat designation under the Endangered Species Act

10/01 – Supporting EPA’s Recommendation to Retain the Current Ozone NAAQS

09/04 – Supporting FWS Proposed Reforms to critical habitat designation under the Endangered Species Act

08/03 – Supporting EPA Cost/Benefit Analysis of Air Regulations

07/24 – Supporting Renewal of Ohio’s NEPA Delegation Program

07/17 – Supporting Ohio’s NEPA Delegation Program

06/29 – Supporting the EPA’s Retention of the Current NAAQS for Particulate Matter

06/22 – Supporting the EPA’s Revisions to the Guidance Process

06/19 – Supporting the EEOC’s Revisions to the Guidance Process

06/19 – Supporting NEPA Delegation in Utah

05/07 – Opposing the IRS Decision to Treat Paycheck Protection Program Expenses as Non-Deductible

04/22 – ARTBA Supports EEOC Proposal to Discontinue Expanded EEO-1 Data Collection

04/21 – Navigable Waters Protection Rule Fact Sheet

03/23 – Supporting the State of Florida’s NEPA Delegation Program

03/19 – Supporting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Clarification to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

03/13 – Supporting the State of Alaska’s NEPA Delegation Program

03/10 – Coalition Comments Supporting NEPA Modernization

03/10 – Supporting the Council on Environmental Quality’s Proposal to Modernize NEPA

03/09 – Opposing a Proposal from the Federal Communications Commission to Open up the “Safety Band” of the Wireless Spectrum for Private Use

02/10 – Responding to the United States Department of Transportation’s Request for Information on the National Freight Strategic Plan

01/22 – ARTBA Summary on NEPA Modernization Proposal and How to Support It

01/10 – Urging the Non-Traditional Transportation and Technology Council to Examine the MUTCD’s Prohibition on the Use of Patented and Proprietary Products